Corporate and Commercial Law Overview

Half of our practice is dedicated to corporate and commercial law, and our lawyers are well versed in dealing with a wide variety of matters. We understand that the importance of contracts may not always be at the forefront of a company’s owner’s mind when setting-up their business, however by having proper legal documents in place, you are far less likely to encounter problems, and therefore wasted time and cost in the future.

Shareholders’ Agreement

Owners of companies often fail to put in place a shareholders’ agreement until it is too late. Shareholder disputes are expensive and can ruin a company. This should be the first document that is agreed by any company.

Distribution Agreements

Whether a bottler, retailer, clothing manufacturer or restaurant, suppliers play an important part in sourcing and preparing your goods so that they are ready for sale. Typically, each order placed will be worth a substantial sum, and if a contract is not in place to govern the actions of the parties, then this relationship can quickly descend into a difficult dispute. De Beristain Wallace draft detailed and fair distribution agreements, with our client’s best interest always in mind.

Terms and Conditions

Any business that sells goods or services will have a contract in place between the company and the consumer. What is not certain are the standings to that contract unless terms and conditions govern it. If terms of that relationship are not established and referenced, the potential for problems to occur increases. While a company may trade for months or even years without any issues, all it takes is one claim to damage a business. With a full set of terms and conditions in place, these problems will be easier and quicker to tackle and resolve.

Asset Purchases

Before an asset is purchased, it is important to have full disclosure with warranties set in place to ensure the purchaser is not left with something less than what they understood they were receiving. We regularly advise purchasers and sellers in asset transactions, ranging from equipment to divisions of a company.

Share Purchases

Analysing the potential of a business of a company is the more enjoyable part of purchasing it. However, when spending large amounts of money, it is crucial to know all about a company, such as every contract that continues to exist, whether that be with a supplier, customer, employee, shareholder or parent company and the obligations and liabilities those contracts place on the company. While our due diligence is thorough during these matters, we will also make sure we negotiate the best deal for you.