Litigation Overview

Our lawyers are experienced in a wide variety of contractual relationships, and have acted for a variety of blue chip companies. We have associate offices throughout Europe and often advise on multi-jurisdictional disputes. We have specialist expertise in the following areas:

Construction and property disputes

We advise developers, contractors and professionals on all matters relating to construction and property disputes and regularly act on the adjudication of construction disputes and enforcement of awards in the High Court. We have recognised the need to provide bespoke debt recovery services for contractors, sub-contractors and professionals.

Employment disputes

Whether you are an employer or an employee, we have the expertise to help our clients through complaints or disputes whether only the pre-action part of proceedings, or if necessary, through the full employment tribunal process.

Fraud litigation

We have previously acted in complex, multi-jurisdictional fraud matters. Our team has advised individuals and companies who are accused of or who have been the victims of civil fraud. For example, VAT carousels, breaches of fiduciary duties or inter-company frauds. We have previously advised on the longest running fraud trial in UK history and one of the largest VAT frauds in history.

General commercial litigation

When dealing with general contractual disputes we will work to exploit the best position and mitigate any weaknesses in a case to allow us to more easily negotiate out of difficult contractual positions. We represent our clients in disputes in relation to all contracts based on the law of England and Wales and we advise on matters including applications for injunctions and other emergency measures.

Insolvency litigation

We have a wealth of experience dealing with the complicated areas of both bankruptcy and insolvency. We are used to working against tight deadlines and through complicated procedures that must be followed to perfection to protect our clients’ assets. We are also regularly instructed by insolvency practitioners to recover assets.

Intellectual property disputes

Protecting your intellectual property rights is crucial to your business. We have specialist knowledge in pursuing those who infringe rights, or defending claims against our clients for infringing others. We have the expertise to utilise the procedural nuances of the IP litigation process to protect your intellectual property rights.

Public law disputes

Where a public body makes a decision that impacts your business, judicial review may be the best method by which to challenge that decision. We have experience in that process to stop you suffering as a result of an unfair decision or a decision made without due process having been followed.