Practice Areas


When issuing, buying or selling shares or assets it is crucial to have all the necessary legal documentation in place. We will ensure that the various legal documents concerning the deal provide adequate protection and put you in the strongest possible position.


Regardless of the type, any commercial relationship should be governed by a written contract. Should the parties start to dispute terms, the agreement will act as a tool to refer to, and should prevent costly litigation. We will work with you to ensure that your agreement is clearly documented so that both parties are entirely clear as to their rights and obligations.


Disputes are expensive, time-consuming and can be incredibly stressful. We will always look to resolve your disputes in as commercial and efficient a manner as possible. Where proceedings become necessary, we have all the tools to fight your case vigorously whether that be through litigation, arbitration or adjudication.

Intellectual Property

It is vital to ensure that your company's intellectual property (such as its name and logo) are adequately protected so as to maintain your brand identity. We advise on trade marks, copyright and design ownership, protection and enforcement.

Employment [Advice For Employers] [Advice For Employees]

At de Beristain Wallace we have experience advising both employers and individuals, so we are fortunate to be able to view the employment relationship from both sides. Having the ability to really understand what matters gives us an advantage in advising our clients on the best way to achieve their preferred outcome.


We advise businesses and individuals on their tax planning and work with many sports professionals, so our knowledge in this area is extensive and our advice could save you significant funds.


Sport is at the heart of De Beristain Wallace. All of our lawyers are passionate about sport and its intriguing relationship with the law.

We have extensive experience of acting for a wide variety of clients in the sports sector, including sportspersons, clubs, sponsors and broadcasters. Our experience spans across many sports including football, boxing, rugby and golf. Our detailed knowledge of the industry and its nuances mean that we have a genuine understanding of our clients’ businesses and can make a real difference to their day-to-day operations. Our impact has led many of our clients to describe us as an extension of their own teams.